Frequently Asked Questions

Start your journey on the website by looking for the "Evaluation" section, where you can unlock up to 600k. Choose the "Start" option for the program type you prefer. Then, you'll be guided to set up your account. Once done, you'll receive an email with your login details. Using those, log into the site, purchase your evaluation, and upon completion, you'll instantly receive an email with your account credentials.

The technology provider we use for all simulated accounts on our platform is Zenfinex. Trust Funding Program acts as the "evaluator" through a demo evaluation. Any simulated trading activity that precedes the funded stage conducted by a trader is provided by Zenfinex, a simulated account provider.

The leverage for all simulated accounts is set at 1:100 with Zenfinex, spanning both the assessment and advanced trader phases. I'd advise closely reviewing the contract size given by the price provider before embarking on the program, as varying instruments will have diverse margin levels across all simulated trading accounts.

Every trader is given as much time as needed to complete the assessment. Once you achieve the 10% profit goal, you can move on to the process to access your "Funded Account".

During the one-step evaluation, the aim is to achieve a 10% return on the initial balance. So, if you start with $100,000, your goal is to earn $10,000. In the seasoned trader phase, there isn't a set profit target.

Congratulations! Now, just make sure you've closed all trades before providing all the KYC (Know Your Client) information and signing the Funded Trader agreement. Once you submit the documents, we'll provide you with the credentials for your funded account, but this process might take up to 5 business days.

They're done using cryptocurrencies. When traders qualify for Pay Outs on their "Funded Account" simulated account, they can choose to be paid in either BTC (Bitcoin Network) or USD-T (TRC-20 Network). Disbursements are reviewed and sent to the trader within 1 to 3 business days after the request.

First off, we require our traders to be active for at least 5 days for every withdrawal request. 1.) Lot Size Consistency Range Rule (Only for HFT passers) Your average trading size, calculated when you request a payout, sets a trading range. This range is configured by adding 100% to your average size for the upper limit and subtracting 75% for the lower one. For instance, if on average you trade 20 Lots, trades between 5 and 40 lots are deemed consistent. This rule strictly applies once you're funded. Trades outside this range might be adjusted when tallying your profits. The formula to determine this range takes into account all closed orders from your first trade up to when you request the payout. Your average trade is determined by dividing the total volume traded by the count of closed orders. Once acquired, multiply it by 0.25 and 2.00 to get your range's endpoints. Bear in mind, partial orders count as individual ones for this tally. Lot Size Range Formula: Total Volume Traded/Trades Made: Lot Average Lot Average x 0.25: Minimum Range Lot Average x 2.00: Maximum Range

The maximum amount of pay outs eligible buying power that a trader can unlock during the experienced trader stage is currently $600,000.

Yes, we allow High Frequency Trading (HFT) only during the evaluation phase. Remember, if you use HFT, you'll need to adhere to the consistency rule in the funded account.

Every 21 days after your first trade, you are eligible for a withdrawal. Profit-sharing is scaled as follows: Withdrawal 1 = 70% Withdrawal 2 = 80% Withdrawals 3 and 4 = 90% After making 4 withdrawals, you graduate to our Trust Funding Prime program and can now request withdrawals after 7 days from your first trade PLUS a 100% profit split. Please note that you must withdraw 100% of your profits each time you make a withdrawal. For a limited time, we are allowing members to proceed with HFT bots. As a result, we must adjust the payment structure for risk mitigation reasons. Those using HFT to pass the 1-step challenges will have the following payment structure: First and second payments eligible within 21 days from the first trade. Withdrawal 1 = 50% profit share Withdrawal 2 = 70% After the second payment, all withdrawals are eligible within 21 days from the first trade. Withdrawal 3 = 80% Withdrawal 4 = 90%

Yes, you are allowed to use EA's and Indicators, including tools for managing risk and automated trading systems. However, certain strategies are strictly prohibited in the funded stage: 1.High-frequency trading (manually or using a bot) 2.Hedge arbitrage trading 3.Tick scalping 4.Grid trading 5.One-sided betting 6.Latency arbitrage trading 7.Reverse arbitrage trading 8.Martingale (above 50% of exponential per trade) 9.Copying trades from other traders. If any of these strategies are detected in your live account, it will be considered a violation of the rules and Trust Funding Program will terminate your account.

As traders, we understand your needs, and we appreciate your trust.

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